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Location: london, England, United Kingdom
No. of Employees: 11-20
No. of Reviews: 1

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1. employment contract offer

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Designation : Not Specified
Place : london, England, United Kingdom
Employment Duration : Not Specified
Posted : 1462 Days Ago
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SUBJECT: JOB VACANCY\r\nTITLE: EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT OFFER.\r\nJOB ID:HQXX 17002-05\r\n \r\nCaesar Hotel London has immediate employment opportunities. Caesar Hotel intends to invite experienced individuals/expatriates or Consultancy firm capable of rendering expertise services in various fields of Engineering, Installation, NDT, Project Management, Nurses,Doctors,Social-Workers,Welding and Fabrication, Plant/Start-Up, Maintenance, Mechanical/Technical/Design Engineering, Experienced Driver, Attendance Registra, Sales Management, Marketing Management, Information Technology, Administrative deptment staffs and etc.\r\n \r\nENTITLEMENT, BENEFITS AND PACKAGES\r\n. A very attractive net salary paid in Pounds Sterling.\r\n. Quality single or family housing accommodation in company community.\r\n. Free medical/dental care in LONDON for employee and family.\r\n. Excellent educational assistance benefits with family status\r\nemployment.\r\n. Paid airfares allowing full flexibility with holiday travel.\r\n. Personal effects shipment and excess baggage allowances.\r\n. Full access to some of the finest and social recreational facilities in LONDON.\r\n. Life Insurance and Paid vacation.\r\n. Official vehicle/Maximum security in work environment and housing community.\r\n \r\nJOB STATUS:\r\nFull-Time and contract\r\n \r\nSALARY INDICATION:\r\n£4000 - £12000 depending upon experience and field of specialization. Interested candidates 1-15 people are to email their resume cv scanned copy of their passport no and details of experience to us (the recruitment manager): [email protected]\r\n \r\nGood Day\r\nLopez Smith\r\nCaesar Hotel Secretary
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