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Layton IT Services

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Location: Noida (UP), Uttar Pradesh, India
No. of Employees: 21-50
No. of Reviews: 1

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1. Its the best company in Noida

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[email protected]
Designation : HR Recruiter
Place : NEW DELHI, Delhi, India
Employment Duration : 0 years, 2 months.
Posted : 1334 Days Ago
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Layton Information Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest growing BPO firms in India located at Delhi NCR Noida, Layton has a state of the art infrastructure & healthy work environment to support all our operations with an experienced management team; we focus on delivering outsourcing services in domains such as Finance & Accounting, Human Resource, Digital Marketing and Telecom & Back office processes and Software Development Product.\r\n\r\nLayton Information Technology Services is a Private limited company. Prime focus of the company is to provide services in Business Process Outsourcing, Finance & Accounting Services, and Software Development Product in the capital of India Delhi NCR Noida.
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Pay: +2     No Comment
Work/ Life Balance: +2     No Comment
Job Security: +2     No Comment
Growth Prospects: +3     No Comment
Benefits: +3     No Comment
Work Atmosphere: +3     No Comment
Co-Workers: +3     No Comment
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