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Location: Berlin, Hamburg, Munster, Frankfurt, Berlin, Germany
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1. Employment coordinator

Reviewed By :
Designation : Not Specified
Place : Kraków, Krakow, Poland
Employment Duration : Not Specified
Posted : 1293 Days Ago
Detailed Review :  
Job description:
-Identify the real openings (needs for manpower) in Energy sector, activities (projects, ventures) and partners
- Identify strategic positions where alumni from energy field might be active
- Manage the exte
al Recruitment Agency
- Manage exte
al legal support to design and implement a solution for non EU students, transitioning between educational programs and the EU labor world
- Design, implement and run the right strategy to optimize the flow of students towards the right professional assignment
- Create the job recruiting strategy
- Once the industry involvement in the education programs is fully ongoing, bring that channel to the recruitment objectives
- Develop a pool of job/projects/inte
offers and records by using e-portfolio platform
- Identify the needs and expectations of the potential employers

- Documented experience in labor marketing with both the academic and the professional worlds
- Well established relations within the energy sector of the inte
ational labor market
- Strategic long term thinking
- Creative, imaginative, with track record in building “new” things
- An appetite to interact with people and institutions
- Ambition
- Perfect fluency in English is a requirement, a second and third European language is an asset
- Excellent written and oral communication skills

We offer:
- Permanent employment contract
- Work in an inte
ational company
- The possibility of further professional development
- Attractive conditions of employment
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