front office executive, Delhi/NCR

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Delhi/NCR, India
Industry : Hospitality/Travel
Role : Hospitality
Experience : Fresher
Compensation(Annual) : Starting from Rs 50,000
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Posted On :- 15 Jun 2015
Job Description :
Main Duties :\r\n\r\nFinancial Responsibilities :\r\n\r\n1.\r\nIs able to effectively interpret financial result in regards to revenues, payroll,costs and expenses.\r\n2.\r\nTo assist in the preparation of the Annual Operation Budget which will form part of the Business Plan.\r\n3.\r\nTo establish and monitor cost and expense control systems and procedures toachieve budgeted operating results.\r\n4.\r\nIs able to take corrective measures and actions to ensure highest possible profitability.\r\n5.\r\nMaximizes revenues through pro-active action rather than re-active.\r\n\r\nOperational Responsibilities :\r\n\r\nGuest Service\r\n\r\n1.\r\nPersonally and frequently verifies that guests in his operation are receiving the best possible service available.\r\n2.\r\nSchedules himself to be on the front during peak operation hours, checking on standards of services, and cleanliness, is greeting and assist in the check in of guests and escorts VIP guest to the room.\r\n3.\r\nTo be demanding and critical to service standards as well as hygiene standards.\r\n4.\r\nTo constantly strive to please all guest that he may come into contact with.\r\n5.\r\nIs responsible that employees project professionalism and are well trained and provide friendly and efficient service.\r\n6.\r\nEnsure a speedy telephone and message service at all times.\r\n7.\r\nMaintains an atmosphere of tranquillity at the Front Desk, never giving the impression that there is a problem.\r\n\r\nProduct :\r\n\r\n1.\r\nVerifies constantly that the physical product in all aspects is consistent with the hotel standards.\r\n2.\r\nPeriodically inspects rooms to ensure cleanliness and well maintained rooms. Patrols assigned areas frequently to ensure cleanliness and well maintained areas.\r\n3.\r\nEnsures that policies and procedures in regards to staff appearance, hygiene and sanitation are enforced.\r\n\r\n\r\nGeneral\r\n\r\n1.\r\nEnsure that corporate, divisional and departmental policies and procedures are adhered to at all levels.\r\n2.\r\nLiaise closely with other Departments and emphasizes on excellent inter-departmental relations considering other departmental procedures and policies.\r\n3.\r\nDelegate authority and responsibilities to direct subordinates without relinquish ultimate responsibility for the operation.\r\n\r\nMarketing Responsibilities:\r\n\r\n1.\r\nTo assist in the preparation of the annual, Business Plan for the entire Department.\r\n2.\r\nFully understands the market needs of house guest and local market, assisting in the development of product lines and services accordingly.\r\n3.\r\nIs constantly aware of new market trends and activities of competitors, ensures that his operation is always one step ahead of the competition.\r\n4.\r\nEntertains regular and potential clients and maintains excellent guest relations.\r\n\r\nPersonnel And Training Responsibilities :\r\n\r\n1.\r\nIs an excellent people manager, showing respect for local customs and culture.\r\n2.\r\nTo build an effective management team through taking an active interest in the development of subordinates through training and involvement in decision making.\r\n3.\r\nGives his subordinates frequent feedback on their performance and status of development. Conducts annual appraisals conducted in his Department.\r\n4.\r\n\r\nExercise self-control, patience and is known for his fai
ess at all times.\r\n5.\r\nMaintains an “Open Door” policy.\r\n6.\r\nProjecta positive and motivated attitude among his peers and employees at all times.\r\n7.\r\nEnsures that all personnel and training related policies.\r\n8.\r\nEnsures that all areas of responsibility are properly staffed, supervised and operating smoothly.\r\n9.\r\nIs totally committed to training and shows conce
about the training his employees receive, an visit training sessions frequently.\r\n10.\r\nAssist the departmental trainer in their development and monitors their effectiveness in staff training.\r\n11.\r\nTo ensure that all employees are fully conversant with the hotel’s facilities and services. To ensure that all employees schedule are properly established and maintained.\r\n\r\nAdministrative Responsibilities :\r\n\r\n1.\r\nTo maintain all hotel records and forms as prescribed by established policies and procedures.\r\n2.\r\nTo control the preparation of room occupancy forecast on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.\r\n3.\r\nIs able to meet given or agreed deadlines.\r\n4.\r\nTo attend all briefings and meetings as requested and necessary.\r\n5.\r\nIs able to plan long term but at the same time is able to react to sudden chances instantly.\r\n6.\r\nPlans pro-active rather the re-active.\r\n7.\r\nTo ensure that guest history record is up-to-date at all times.\r\n8.\r\nConducts briefings and meetings as per established policies.\r\n9.\r\nIs comfortable in the use of computer systems.\r\n10.\r\nTo advise management and sales of the update reservation status for reference in business solicitation.\r\n11.\r\nTo ensure that report is ready for Sales Office within ten days of the current month.\r\n12.\r\nTo understand and comply with local regulations and legislation.\r\n13.\r\nTo assume the function of Duty Manager representing management in accordance with the Duty Manager Roster and Duty Manager job description.\r\nTo carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned to.
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