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oberoi maidens

new delhi, India
Industry : Hospitality/Travel
Role : Hospitality
Experience : 0-2 years experience
Compensation(Annual) : From Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 2,00,000
Reference Code :
Posted On :- 15 Jun 2015
Job Description :
Responsilble for the day to dayoperation of the food & beverage deparment and all his sections, aboard the ship according to company┤s instructions as directed by the Hotel Director.\r\n \r\nĚ Follow up on company┤s policies, rules, regulations and procedures.\r\n \r\nĚ Responsible for the standards of service delivered to the passengers in the bars, dinning rooms, buffets and all other food & beverage outlets by F&B employees. He has to ensure the quality of services in accordance with the company standard.\r\n \r\nĚ Ensure that all the F&B sections are organized, performed their duties and maintain their areas ans eqipment in a manner in compliance with the company policiy and instructions as directed by the Hotel Director.\r\n \r\nĚ Approves all F&B requesitions so as to ensure that they are prepared properly and placed in a proper and timley manner in compliance with company┤s instructions.\r\n \r\nĚ Ensure that all F&B areas are received and inspected in a timley manner and are in compliance with company┤s standards by checking for quality.\r\n \r\nĚ Maintains the highest level of sanitation throughout all food and beverage areas as prescribed by USPH.\r\n \r\nĚ Oversees the overall operation of the storerooms as per comapny┤s instruction, including but not limited to rotation, preparation, distributation and bookkeeping.\r\n \r\nĚ Participates in the daily preparation of meal times scheduled of all F&B areas collaboration with the Cruise Director in Accordance with the company┤s instructions.\r\n \r\nĚ Approves the indents for repairs of equipment prepared by his controller before submitting them to the chief Engineer and keeps an updated record of each request. \r\n \r\nĚ Responsible for the final delivery of all F&B products in accordance with company┤s standards.\r\n \r\nĚ Responsible for the overall implements, consumptions of all F&B polices and procedures pertain to employees, work manuals, sanitation requirements, consumptions, costs, qualities, menues, special parties and others.\r\n \r\nĚ Maintain proper consumption levels as instructed by the company.\r\n \r\nĚ Prepare proper forecast and reach desired revenues for all beverage outlets onboard.\r\n \r\nĚ Sets an example for the entire F&B department by always displaying impeccable behavior.\r\n \r\nĚ Maintain a smooth interaction beteen all his department heads at all time.\r\n \r\nĚ Monitor the moral of all F&B employees and their realationship to each other, with the other departments.\r\n \r\nĚ Assist those employees in the F&B department who are need, ensure that all cremembers in your department receive a complete familiarization and training for their positions when signing on.\r\n \r\nĚ Creating a high level of moral within the F&B department, developing a good working realation with all others onboard departmens, trough cooperating and communication.\r\n \r\nĚ To ensure all crew members withhin the department follow all the Master┤s rules and regulations.\r\n \r\nĚ To ensure all crew members withhin the F&B departments are treated in a fair and unbiased fashion withpout exception.\r\n \r\nĚ To coordinate all sign on and sign off procedures of crew members withhin the department with both shoreside and shipboard management, ensuring that proper following up and documentation of same is executed. Work hand in hand with the Crew Purser in that matter.\r\n \r\nĚ Reviews and preparing performance evaluations of all his department heads as well as approving all evaluations submitted by his department heads for F&B employees as per company┤s instructions.\r\n \r\nĚ To ensure that all crew members withhin the department are periodically evaluated (all 3 month).\r\n \r\nĚ Maintening effective cost controll in all areas of the F&B department.\r\n \r\nĚ Maintening open communication with the responsible operation shoreside and with the Hotel Director.\r\n \r\nĚ Countersigning of all requesitions and purchase requests.\r\n \r\nĚ Approves on a regular basis all overtime payments as prepared by his department heads and the comparing those figures to offical budgets.\r\n \r\nĚ Approves all work schedule prepared by his department heads.\r\n \r\nĚ Assits guests in any special request, including but not limited to parties, special functions, special diets.\r\n \r\nĚ Perform other duties which are requested by the company.\r\n

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